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The Largest Food Fair in Southern Europe : Alimentaria 2024 in Barcelona
2024-04-22 15:42:07

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation participated in the 2024 Alimentaria held in Barcelona, Spain, from March 18 to 21. Their collaborative efforts resulted in successful export consulting outcomes, generating a total value of USD15.7 million.



Alimentaria, Southern Europe's largest food fair, has been a biennial event since its inception in 1976. Recognized as one of the industry's foremost gatherings, it attracts over 3,200 companies from 68 countries globally. The latest edition attracted more than 900 companies, with notable participants from Italy and Asian countries such as Thailand, China, and Korea. After a six-year hiatus due to COVID-19, Alimentaria resumed in 2018. The Korea Pavilion showcased a diverse array of promising export products, ranging from fresh foods such as kimchi, mushrooms, and red ginseng to beverages. Additionally, presentations from 10 exemplary K-food exporters added appeal to the pavilion's offerings.


The Korean Pavilion also hosted a tasting event where visitors could sample authentic Korean cuisine. Unique menus such as "Cabbage Kimchi Tapas" and "Vegetable Sticks with Korean Fermented Sauce" were featured, combining K-foods such as kimchi and sauces with local delicacies. Visitors and buyers responded enthusiastically to this initiative.


A visitor to the Korean Pavilion from the Spanish distribution industry was highly complimentary, saying, "This is the first time I have tasted white kimchi and radish served with local food, and the taste is truly amazing, perfectly complementing the tastes of the local Spanish people.”



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