• [ Membership ] I know my ID and password, but I cannot log in

    1. Please be sure not to use capital letters in your ID or password or input any blank spaces after your ID or password.

    2. Please check your web browser version. If necessary, you can download a newer version at www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.asp

     (“Google Chrome” is highly recommended)


      ■ Please try the following steps

       1. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu in your web browser.

       2. Choose ‘Internet Options’.

       3. Click on ‘Privacy’ tab.

       4. Change the privacy setting to the ‘accept all cookies’ or ‘lower’ privacy tab.


       If you are still experiencing difficulties logging in, please contact us.

       → ‘Q&A’(CUSTOMER CENTER) or k-foodtrade@at.or.kr

  • [ Membership ] How can I become an K-FOODTRADE member?

    Becoming a member of our K-food trade website is easy and free! Just complete our simple registration form.


      ■ Please try the following steps

       1. Visit www.K-FOOD TRADE.or.kr and click ‘Sign Free’ on the top of the front page.

       2. If you are a Korean seller, then click ‘Korean Seller Register Now’ button. If not, then click ‘Foreign Buyer Register Now’ button.

       3. Read terms of service, check the box, select and click ‘next’ button.

       4. Complete the registration form and click ‘Submit’.


  • [ Membership ] Can I change my K-FOOD TRADE membership ID?

    If you are a Korean seller, you can only use one aT integrated ID.

    However, if you are a foreign buyer, you can use multiple membership IDs.

    In that case, you can not change your member ID. However, you can create a new ID by re-registering.


  • [ Membership ] How can I find my password?

       1. Click ‘Log in’ on the top of the website.

       2. Click ‘Forgot your ID/Password’ button.

       3. Input your ID and email address used in K-FOOD TRADE registration in the ‘Find Password’ section, then click ‘Confirm’.

       4. If you didn’t receive an email Please contact us.

          ‘Q&A’(CUSTOMER CENTER) or k-foodtrade@at.or.kr


  • [ Service ] How can I search for information on K-FOOD TRADE?

    You can find every information on searching box on the top of the website on K-FOOD TRADE.


  • [ Service ] Does K-FOOD TRADE import, export or otherwise trade?

    No. K-FOOD TRADE operates an online trade site(Only for Korean food) that facilitates global online trade. We do not directly import, export, or otherwise engage in trade.


  • [ Profile ] How can I update my company profile?

    You can update your company profile through two ways.


       <ⅰ. via ‘Company Information’>

       1. Log in.

       2. Click ‘Company Information’ tab in My K-FOOD TRADE.

       3. You can add or modify your company information.

       4. Click ‘Save’ button.


        <ⅱ. via ‘My Profile’>

        If you need to edit company information, please click to ‘My Profile’ in My K-FOOD TRADE.


  • [ Service ] Can I send an inquiry if I’m not a member?

    Whether you are a member or not, you can ask anything via ‘Q&A’(in CUSTOMER CENTER).

    If you are a member, click ‘Send to supplier inquiry’ button on each product page, fill out the inquiry form, and click ‘send’ button.

    If you become a member of our website, you can experience more sophisticated inquiry service. So we strongly recommend you to join us!