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CES 2024 and Trends in the Food Industry
2024-05-28 16:57:57

CES 2024, the world's most significant home appliance and IT exhibition, took place from January 9 to 12, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States. With its theme of "All Together, All One," the event underscored the potential of integrating technologies, including AI, across various industrial sectors to address common human challenges. In light of growing interest in AI adoption across industries, the food sector is also witnessing heightened focus on automation and technology. Food tech in the food industry was featured as one of the top 10 trends at CES 2024, alongside AI, robotics, and mobility. This indicates a high level of anticipation for innovation and new technology within the food industry.


A notable highlight of CES 2024 in the food industry was the focus on technologies and companies addressing the global food crisis and climate change. In particular, agtech technologies and companies have been in the spotlight. Agtech, a combination of agriculture and technology, refers to a technology or industry that applies advanced technology in agriculture to improve efficiency and increase productivity at stages such as production, processing, and distribution.


Among the domestic Agtech companies drawing attention is Midbar, which presented "Air Farm," a groundbreaking approach to cultivating vegetables in the air using eco-friendly farming techniques. This innovation, which earned the CES 2024 Best of Innovation Award, addresses the challenge of water scarcity with a system that gathers moisture from the air to irrigate crops within an aerial farming setting. This technology boasts an impressive water-saving potential of around 99% compared to traditional soil cultivation.
Top Table, which also won the CES 2024 Best Innovation Award in the Food & AgTech category, is a leading foodtech company that has developed a 4D food printing system based on traditional 3D food printing technology. This system enhances food presentation by imprinting precise images or designs on food items and beverages. Top Table's 4D food printing system, "Ink," represents a revolutionary advancement in the field of nutraceuticals. This technology enables consumers to customize the size, texture, and nutritional content of their food. Unlike mass-produced, uniform products, this 4D food printing technology allows for tailored food items that align with individual preferences.


A number of companies exhibited Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies at CES 2024, including AI-powered food scanners and robots. Student startup Seawith has developed cultured meat made from seaweed, and KiloA from Doinglab harnesses AI to analyze food photos to determine nutritional information and food quantity. Samsung featured Bespoke, an AI-powered open and kitchen appliance brand. Robots were also on display, showcasing the active development and growth of food technology in Korea. These innovations demonstrate the dynamic growth and expansion of domestic food tech technology, which is poised to revolutionize the future food industry.

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