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Little Spoon, Crafting Healthy Snacks for Kids
2024-05-28 16:51:18

Little Spoon is a company that specializes in children's snacks. They are dedicated to crafting safe and nutritious snacks from healthy and natural ingredients. With a focus on providing convenient nutrition and fostering an appreciation for diverse flavors, Little Spoon was founded in 2018 to introduce children to a variety of delicious tastes while conveniently delivering essential nutrients. The company's flagship products include 12 varieties of organic rice snacks, specifically designed for children as young as five months old. In addition, Little Spoon offers Yogurt Cube Snacks in four flavors: two varieties of Freeze-Dried Fruit Chips, Baby Puree, One-Spoon Freeze-Dried Powder and Sweet Potato Bars. These snacks are carefully crafted using organic rice, brown rice, fruits and vegetables grown in the fertile land of South Jeolla Province. Importantly, all products are free of sugar, salt and additives to ensure optimal health for growing children. Little Spoon's commitment to quality is underscored by rigorous inspection processes, including HACCP, ISO22000, and organic food certifications, from raw materials to finished products.


Little Spoon's Organic Rice Snacks come in three varieties and a range of 12 flavors, all with a savory and light profile. Designed specifically for children transitioning to solid foods at five months, these snacks have become a top seller for Little Spoon. The line includes 4 Organic Rice Snacks in white rice, pear, pumpkin and sweet potato flavors; 4 Organic Brown Rice Snacks in brown rice, black rice, pumpkin, sweet potato and apple carrot flavors; and 4 Organic Brown Rice Long Stick Snacks in brown rice, citrus, apple carrot and onion flavors. These snacks offer a delightful burst of flavor that melts in your mouth and is easy to consume. They are carefully crafted with organic or brown rice. White Rice Snack (pear) contains 95% organic rice and 5% organic pear juice. White Rice Snack (white rice) is made with 100% organic rice, and Brown Rice Long Stick Snack is made with 100% brown rice.



Little Spoon also offers six varieties of nutritious freeze-dried fruit snacks, including Freeze-Dried Yogurt Cube Snacks and Freeze-Dried Chips. These healthy snacks are made with 100% home-grown organic fruit. In addition to the classic strawberry flavor, options include apple, blueberry and mango. The Freeze-Dried Yogurt & Strawberry Cube Snack contains 70% strawberries, 15 grams and 62 calories. This product is also popular in Singapore and Taiwan. It contains live cultures thanks to the addition of fresh plain yogurt. Freeze-Dried Yogurt & Apple Cube Snack is 15 grams, 70% apple flavor with 63 calories. Yogurt & Blueberry contains 45.5% blueberries, 15 grams and 64 calories. Yogurt & Mango is 55% mango, 15 grams, 64 calories. Freeze-Dried Strawberry Chips contains 100% strawberries and is 13 grams. Freeze-Dried Apple Chips is 15 grams and contains 100% apple.



Little Spoon's Baby Puree is another standout offering, presenting a selection of fruit, vegetable and oatmeal purees carefully crafted for maximum nutrition. These purees are HACCP certified, ensuring strict adherence to food safety standards. The Fruit in the Puree is 70% apple, 20% pear, 10% banana and has 55 calories per 100 grams. It has a rich pumpkin taste that makes it a filling, sweet, light and smooth food. It contains 70% apple, 27% pumpkin, 3% beet, and 55 calories per 100 grams. The Oatmeal in Puree is a more substantial meal replacement and snack with oats and is the newest product released at the end of December last year. It contains 88% apples, 10% blueberries, 2% oatmeal and 65 calories per 100 grams. All three varieties are high in fiber to promote healthy digestion, making them ideal choices for weaning children.
Little Spoon's One Spoon Freeze-Dried Powder offers a convenient solution for delicious baby food that is ready in 3 minutes with boiling water. This nutritious organic freeze-dried powder baby food is carefully formulated with the compatibility of each ingredient in mind. Available in a variety of flavors including Korean Beef, White Fish, Vegetable, and Korean Beef & Cauliflower. Last year, Little Spoon successfully exported 12 varieties of organic rice and freeze-dried snacks valued at approximately USD 160,000. The company has been exporting its products since its third year of operation. Its products have gained popularity in various countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, Vietnam and Malaysia.


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