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Lala sweet's Quest for Healthier Indulgence with Low-Sugar Treats
2024-04-22 14:32:24

Larasweet is a leading domestic ice cream brand known for producing low-sugar, low-calorie ice cream. Instead of using traditional sugar, the brand uses alternative sweeteners such as 'allulose' and 'stevia.' One of Larasweet's standout products is the Cream Roll, which contains only 2g of sugar, a 10% reduction compared to similar whipped cream rolls. The brand's flagship products include the Low Sugar Chocolate Bar and the Low Sugar Cream Roll. The Chocobar line is available in three flavors: Choco, Vanilla and Matcha, with total sales reaching 5 million units in just 5 months since its launch. In addition, the Cream Roll is available in two flavors: fresh cream and chocolate. Remarkably, cumulative sales of the Cream Roll exceeded 100,000 units within the first 10 days of its release.


Lalasweet's pint products include "Vanilla Bean" made with ground vanilla beans, "Chocolate" made with cocoa powder, "Matcha" made with organic matcha from Jeju, and "Strawberry" made with 24% domestic strawberry pulp. There is also "Yogurt" with lemon juice added to fresh yogurt, "Mint Choco" that features a distinctive white color without the use of artificial colors, "Milk Tea" with Uva black tea, "Cheesecake" with crumbles, "Cookies & Cream" with crunchy cookies and sweet cream. The Melon flavor features melon chunks, the Walnut flavor contains 3% walnut kernels, and the Fresh Milk flavor heroes the natural flavor of milk.


Monaka-type products include "Fresh Milk Monaka," which gives you a refreshing and rich milk taste with 50% milk content, and "Chocolate Monaka," which adds chocolate flavor. Each contains 125 calories. Made from locally produced red beans, "Red Bean Monaka" is sweet and clean and contains 170 calories. "Rice Monaka" contains 0.6 g of sugar and 110 calories, with a savory and sweet rice topping. There are also two types of "Bbangsand". Fresh Milk Bread Sandwich" combines the taste of soft milk-flavored ice cream and moist castella. Rich chocolate ice cream is topped with sweet chocolate syrup in "Chocolate Bread Sandwich."


Lalasweet products are available at prominent convenience stores, online platforms, and major retail outlets nationwide. You can purchase these delicious treats through E-Mart Mall, including "Obanjang" and "SSG Delivery." In addition, Lalasweet has been recognized as Market Kurly's top product. In addition, through Coupang's early morning delivery service, Rocket Fresh, and "Baedal Minjok" B-Mart, which guarantees immediate order delivery, you can enjoy these delicacies within just 30 minutes of placing your order right in the heart of Seoul. Notably, Lalasweet has maintained its position as the best-selling product at Market Kurly and B-Mart for three consecutive years from 2021 to 2023. For those who prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores, Lalasweet ice cream is available at Lotte Mart stores nationwide from October 2021, followed by Homeplus stores nationwide from December the same year. It is also available in the Gourmet 494 section of Galleria Department Store starting March 2022. Starting April 2022, Larasweet ice cream is also available at CU convenience stores nationwide.


'Lala sweet's Quest for Healthier Indulgence with Low-Sugar Treats' 저작물은 "공공누리 2유형 출처표시 + 상업적 이용금지" 조건에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.