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Famous Korean BBQ Sauce in the Philippines' Shopee Mall
2023-12-27 09:04:32

Known for its rich natural beauty and stunning beaches, the Philippines is equally famous for its diverse culinary culture. Filipino cuisine is characterized by sweet and savory flavors influenced by Spanish, American, Chinese and other Asian cuisines. One of the most iconic Filipino dishes is "adobo," which is made by marinating pork, chicken, or seafood in soy sauce and vinegar, and is similar in taste to Korean galbijjim (braised short ribs). Adobo has gained recognition as a top favorite among foreigners, capturing the palates of travelers with its diverse and flavorful offerings.


Adobo, a signature Filipino dish, tastes similar to Korea's galbijjim, which is marinated in soy sauce. This dish has become a favorite among Korean visitors to the Philippines, offering a familiar and delicious taste. In recognition of this similarity, Korean BBQ sauce has been extremely popular on the Filipino e-commerce platform Shopee. Various products such as Baeksul's pork bulgogi sauce, Ottogi's pork rib sauce, and Chungjungone O'Food's Korean-style barbecue sauce are readily available. These products are used as marinades for meat. They are also used in various recipes such as dipping sauces and pork belly sauces.


They are easy to prepare and make it possible for anyone to enjoy galbi and bulgogi with a minimum of effort. These sauces are especially appealing to those who love Korean cuisine. They have gained immense popularity among international consumers. Notable reviews from Filipino consumers who have purchased the products on Shopee include "The packaging is good and it's easy to taste Korean BBQ sauce," "Convenient for cooking, I want to buy it again," "If you love Korean food, you must try it," "I've never tried bulgogi before, but I saw the sauce, bought it, tried it, and it's perfect. I want to try other foods with the sauce" and "Excellent as a beef marinade; it tastes amazing when grilled after marinating.

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