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CHADOL DOENJANGJJIGAE (Beef Brisket Soybean Paste Stew)
2023-11-14 13:16:44

Chadoldoenjangjjigae is a Korean dish made with doenjang (soybean paste) and tenderly cooked brisket. This dish is known for its rich flavors, combining the chewy texture of the brisket with the deep flavor of the doenjang. As you savor a warm spoonful of Chadoldoenjangjjigae, its unique flavor and aroma offer a delightful immersion into the flavors and culture of Korea.



'CHADOL DOENJANGJJIGAE (Beef Brisket Soybean Paste Stew)' 저작물은 "공공누리 2유형 출처표시 + 상업적 이용금지" 조건에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.