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Discovering Korean Instant Rice on Amazon
2023-11-14 12:03:05

As interest in South Korea's food culture continues to grow across various content platforms, consumption of processed rice products such as tteok (rice cakes), frozen kimbap and instant rice is on the rise. These processed rice products have emerged as new major export items contributing to the growth of the Korean food (K-food) export industry, following the success of ramen, with an impressive growth rate of 10.1%, the highest export revenue for three consecutive years. Instant rice has gained popularity due to the increasing demand for Home Meal Replacement (HMR) options and growing interest in K-food. People enjoy instant rice as a convenient accompaniment to traditional Korean dishes such as kimchi and bulgogi. Several brands, including Ottogi, Chung Jung One, CJ CheilJedang and E-Mart No Brand, are competing to sell Korean instant rice on Amazon for the North American market. CJ CheilJedang's Hetbahn is the most popular Korean product in the instant rice category. Notable reviews from consumers who have purchased the products on Amazon include comments such as: "It's convenient for making sushi or kimbap quickly and easily." "It's easy to prepare a delicious meal in just a few minutes, with praise for the authentic texture and taste of the rice." "The affordability and appropriately portioned packaging for each meal make it a standout choice."


In addition to plain rice, there are several other instant rice options available on Amazon. CJ Food's "Bibigo Multi-Grain" offers a blend of two grains seasoned with salt, oil, and flavors tailored to local tastes. This product comes in four varieties: brown rice/jasmine rice, brown rice/quinoa, brown rice/wild rice, and more. "Bibigo Multi-Grain" has received high scores in blind taste tests, averaging 4.2 out of 5 for texture, taste and purchase intent among American consumers. These scores are highly competitive, even when compared to "SEED of CHANGE," a leading brand in the premium instant rice market in the United States. Chong Kun Dang Health has launched "Tastyn," a brand offering protein konjac rice with tofu, brown rice and barley, making it a healthy instant rice option. In addition, CJ CheilJedang's Hetbahn brand includes various ready-to-eat cup rice products such as curry rice, stir-fried kimchi rice, black bean sauce bibimbap, soybean paste bibimbap, and more, providing consumers with convenient and diverse choices.

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