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Variety Korea / Buyeo City of Cultural Heritage
2021-06-24 13:50:22
Five-Story Stone Pagoda Jeongnimsa Temple Site

Buyeo is a highly captivating, attractive city with rich splendid cultural heritage passed down by the ancient kingdom of Baekje from 1,400 years ago. It is always full of historical and cultural sites to see that people say that relics have been poured out wherever they dig. Many of Baekje’s historical sites are listed as ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites’, and Seongheungsan mountain Love Tree and Gungnamji Pond are very famous as photo spots. Introducing Buyeo, where you can feel the beautiful and mysterious Baekje culture anywhere.


Gungnamji Pond
Seongheungsan Mountain love tree














Located at the southern area of Chungcheongnam-do, Buyeo is densely populated with some of the most beautiful historical sites. They include Busosanseong Fortress and Jeongnimsa Temple Site, which are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a famous photo spot Gungnamji Pond is located not far from downtown. The National Buyeo Museum is especially a must-visit course in Buyeo. Here, you can directly see the ‘Gilt-bronze Incense Burner of Baekje’, one of the greatest masterpieces of Baekje culture. Excavated in  Neungsalli Ancient Tombs, Buyeo in December 1993, the ‘Gilt-bronze Incense Burner of Baekje’ was almost undamaged and intact thanks to its discovery in mud. The moment you see it, you will be awestruck by its amazing craftsmanship and stunning beauty. Recently, Seongheungsan Mountain has been drawing attention as a tourist spot because of the love tree. Already a well-known destination as the filming location of the movie , Seongheungsan Mountain is becoming more famous as the best photo spot by photographers. The love tree is 22m in height and 125cm in diameter.


























There are 10 kinds of must-eat dishes when traveling to Buyeo. They are Lotus Leaf Rice, Mushroom Hotpot, Roasted Korean Beef, Spicy King Crab Soup, Mushroom Gimbap, Wild Vegetable Bibimbap, Grilled Eel, and Lotus Bread, which are called ‘10 Delicacies of Buyeo’ together. Tourists can easily try the 10 Delicacies of Buyeo in the ‘GoodTrae Food Street’. We especially recommend Buyeo Lotus Bread since it cannot be found in other regions. Buyeo is very famous for lotus flower inspired food such as lotus leaf rice, lotus bread, and lotus tea. The Lotus Festival is held every July at Gungnamji Pond, a famous photo spot that forms a spectacular scene of lotus complex built on an area of 330,000㎡. If you go to a nearby tea house ‘BaekjeHyang’, you can taste lotus flower tea and lotus bread. A fresh lotus flower comes out as it is in the tea, emitting a delicate scent and a clean taste of a top quality.



Agricultural products produced in Buyeo use the joint brand ‘GoodTrae’. A compound word of ‘Good’ and ‘Tree’, the brand means quality agricultural products produced in a clean natural environment. GoodTrae’s representative agricultural products include melons and tomatoes. GoodTrae melons are cultivated in facility houses of about 380 farms in Buyeo, which forms an area of 205ha and the largest main production site in Korea. The fruit is sweet and juicy because it is grown under the best growing conditions, and it obtained ISO9001, an international quality certification. Buyeo GoodTrae tomatoes are produced year-round in an area of 320ha by about 590 farms in Buyeo. Thanks to the natural conditions of Baengmagang river and the huge daily temperature difference, the tomatoes are firm and are high in sugar content. Other crops distributed under GoodTrae brand are chestnuts, button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and zucchini, all of which are well-loved by consumers.

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