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Focus On People / The Highest Quality of Korean Strawberries Magnetize the Taste Buds of Consumers Across the World
2021-04-02 13:55:48


Calvin Oh, Director of ELIM TRADING INC, received Presidential Commendation on the Trade Day in recognition of his contribution to the export of Korean strawberries and industrial development in 2020. Director Calvin Oh led the Korea Strawberry Export Council for 8 years, starting as the first chairman of the council in 2011. Korea’s strawberry exports, which were only USD 20 million in the early years of the Council, have recently increased to USD 50 million, and are recognized for their contribution to the expansion of exports.



Q : Please briefly introduce Elim Trading.


Elim Trading was established in 2002. As a trading company that exports strawberries and grapes, we exported USD 5 million of strawberries alone in 2020. In 2003, we started exporting strawberries under our own brand called ‘Berry Licious’. Major exporting countries are Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. We are pioneering in the export market with the best strawberry quality and steadily increasing our export volume with the most effective local marketing.


Q : What was the most important point for expanding the export of Korean strawberries?


In order to expand exports, we focused on standardizing strawberries and shipping standard products. It proved effective that we thoroughly followed the strawberry maturity required by overseas buyers, and exported the highest quality products. Korean strawberries have a higher sugar content than strawberries grown in the US, which makes them more competitive. In addition, compared to other competitors, the quality level is the same, but the price is relatively low, so we are competitive in the export market. We focused on export marketing that took full advantage of these strengths.


Q : What is your outlook on the long-term export of Korean strawberries?


Currently, more than 65% of the total exports are exported to Hong Kong and Singapore. Besides, the amount of exports to Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia is relatively small. The strategy to expand exports is to increase exports to Hong Kong and Singapore, where income levels are high, more than twice the current export volume. Since it is difficult to expand exports of high-priced strawberries to countries with low income levels, countries with high income levels should be targeted.


Q : What are your thoughts on receiving Presidential Commendation and your plans for the future?


This is the first time that a strawberry exporter has received Presidential Commendation. As it was awarded on behalf of the Strawberry Export Council, we will make greater efforts to expand exports in the future. If production costs are reduced to strengthen competitiveness and a stable supply base is established by expanding the strawberry export complex, it is quite possible to export USD 100 million of Korean strawberries.




















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