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Win-Win / Healthy herbal honey preserved, admired by the world
2021-01-26 09:51:26

The Gagopa Healing Food CO., LTD. was established in 2013. It exports herbal ingredients, herbal tea, and simple samgyetang(Ginseng Chicken Soup) materials to 18 countries around the world, using major domestic herbs. While being recognized as a well-being health food, it exported more than USD 500,000 in 2020.
The Gagopa Healing Food CO., LTD. produces and distributes Herbal Honey Preserved along with simple samgyetang ingredients as flagship products. There are six types of honey preserved, including ginseng, bellflower, omija, jujube, ginger, and burdock. As it contains herbal ingredients such as ginseng, honey, and oligosaccharides, it is evaluated as useful for human body and exports are growing. Ingredients for samgyetang were made with a tea bag containing mulberry, kalopanax, ogapi, oriental raisin tree, Mongolian milk vetch root, and Korean angelica. It is globally popular since it is easy to cook and tricky menus like samgyetang and suyuk(Boiled Pork Slice) can be effortlessly consumed. The company also runs an R&D research center that continuously studies the efficacy of wild plants, focusing on eco-friendly agricultural products. After releasing the products that have been researched for several years at the research center, positive feedbacks were given that they are now supplied to hypermarkets and department stores on a steady level.


#A healthily made sugar-free herbal honey preserved
The six honey preserved that Gagopa Healing Food exports are made with 100% fresh Korean ingredients. It is also sugar-free stored only with honey and oligosaccharides without adding sugar. This product is particularly popular in Southeast Asia due to the fact that it contains the original ginseng, and can be easily enjoyed as a cup of tea. In addition, it contains highly reliable Korean materials and is safe to take all year round as hot or lukewarm. Above all, it is a product that does not contain sugar and is made only of honey and oligosaccharides, which is an attractive point for buyers.
Youn Geum-jeong, CEO of Gagopa Healing Food CO., LTD. said, “We were able to meet overseas buyers with no trouble by participating in the aT’s K-Food Fair, thereby improving export performance. We will continue to actively join a range of ‘K-Food Fair’ organized by aT to further develop exports.”


#Expand export markets with participation of overseas exhibitions
The Gagopa Healing Food have been actively participating in the ‘aT K-Food Fair’. The project was started in 2013, and the company has been participating every year to establish more export networks. The participation of large overseas exhibitions such as Jakarta International Premium Consumer Goods Exhibition in 2018 and Vietnam Premium Consumer Goods Exhibition in 2019 were such a great opportunity to inform buyers of their products.
In the ‘K-Food Fair’ hosted by aT, non-face-to-face presentations and a B2C online consumer experience events were also held through a webinar(web+seminar). In particular, it supported various activities for consumption, such as comprehensive advertising of K-Food Fair in major online malls in Indonesia’s Tocopedia and Q10; YouTubers’ promotion for market test items of exporters; and operation of market test evaluation teams.
The Gagopa Healing Food CO., LTD. obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications in 2016 as a result of its efforts to improve product quality. The company continues to strive harder by acquiring ISO22000 and Halal certifications in 2017, and Kosher certification in 2018. Furthermore, they achieved direct exports at international fairs hosted by aT.


Youn Geum-jeong, CEO of Gagopa Healing Food CO., LTD.


CEO Youn said, “Jakarta’s ‘2020 K-Food Fair’ was held as an online expo with an untact method last year, we explained in depth to local interpreters so that they could fully understand our products. With the hard work, we could expand exports and raise product awareness in Southeast Asia.”
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E-mail) Kangwon-han@hanmail.net


Shin Dam-ho, the Assistant Manager of New Southern Business Department at Overseas Business Office of aT


#aT K-Food Fair business
The Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation(aT) organizes ‘K-Food Fair’, which is an integrated marketing business that combines B2B export consultations and B2C consumer events. Initiated in 2013, it was prepared to create a Korean agricultural exports network and build up the local consumption base. Last year, a series of online and offline businesses were conducted along with COVID-19, and online video conference(B2B) and non-face-to-face, small-scale consumer experience(B2C) were carried out in five countries.
Shin Dam-ho, the Assistant Manager of New Southern Business Department at Overseas Business Office of aT
1. How satisfied were the exporters participating in the K-Food Fair?
 -The overall satisfaction of exporting companies was generally high. The purpose of their participation includes strengthening existing business partners, discovery of new markets, raising awareness of existing products, market tests, and acquiring local market information. Among which, it was found that the satisfaction with the promotion of existing products and raising awareness by strengthening existing customers was particularly high. However, in 2020, it was conducted as a hybrid of online and offline because of COVID-19, but due to the nature of the food industry’s preference to offline gathering, the satisfaction level was slightly decreased compared to the previous year.
2. Please explain the achievements of Gagopa Healing Food by participating in the K-Food Fair project.
 -The Gagopa Healing Food CO., LTD. is a company that handles samgyetang ingredients, ginseng honey preserved, and plum tea extract. We established our relationship through the 2020 Jakarta K-Food Fair; during the consultation period, they achieved USD 424,200 in consultation and signed an on-site contract of USD 150,200. In addition, the brand awareness was raised through the promotion of ‘K-Food Fair Special Sale Week’ in Tokopedia and Q10, the largest online shopping malls in Indonesia. Through the consultation, it was possible to grasp data on the marketability of samgyetang ingredients, which can brew thick soup without adding meat; this was essential information as Indonesia is based on a halal culture.
3. Please give a piece of advice to exporters who are preparing to enter overseas markets.
 -As there is a saying, ‘only those who are ready will snatch a good luck’; we could learn that the prepared companies eventually lead to positive results as we prepared for the event. The K-Food Fair project provides customized support in three stages before and after the fair is held, from preparation work to on-site support, and follow-up management. During the preliminary period, corporate promotional materials and local market information are supported. On-site stage offers export consultations and market tests. Finally, in post-management step, promotional activities by influencers and inviting buyers to Korea are supported. In most cases, recruitment announcements are posted from late January to early February, so please pay close attention.

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