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Issue in SNS / The Infinite Transformation of Techno Female Warrior
2020-05-29 09:13:17


Lee Jung-hyun is drawing attention as a main cast featured in the ‘PENINSULA’, which is a sequel to ‘TRAIN TO BUSAN’, a popular zombie action thriller movie filmed in the Korean Peninsula. Also known as a ‘Techno Female Warrior’, Lee is excellent in singing and dancing, who is fully prepared to perform as an all-round entertainer for acting as well as cooking. Based on her past experience in the Greater China Region, she introduces several unique fusion dishes that combine Chinese sauce and Korean food, creating a fresh sensation.














#Lee Jung-hyun captures the Great China Region

The appearance as a singer to Chinese music programs in 2006 brought Lee Jung-hyun a far-reaching amount of affection by the Chinese population. According to the encyclopedia of the leading Chinese portal site ‘Baidu’, Lee Jung-hyun was indeed renowned to be stated as the beginning of the Korean Wave. At that time, her song led a sensational popularity that most young Chinese people recognized it.

After singing the theme song at Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, she undoubtedly became a Korean wave star in China. In 2014, she confirmed her undying popularity by featuring as a female lead character in the drama called , which was sponsored by the Chinese government. Lee’s colleagues in the entertainment world said, “At the time, Lee's popularity in China was enormous. She had a free pass to go through immigration, and had a separate entry and departure. During those days, you could hear her songs everywhere in China. We were surprised at how famous she was.”



# Singer? No! Home Chef? Yes!

Lee Jung-hyun, who raised her name as a singer, has recently attracted attention as a ‘master of home cooking’. Lee’s cooking skills became known when she presented her own recipes through a number of media, such as Lee’s all-purpose soy sauce was entirely developed by herself. That even searching for 'Lee Jung-hyun' in the portal sites presents soy sauce as a related search keyword, which proves a soaring reputation. Starting from this, dishes such as pasta made with all-purpose soy sauce, pa-kimchi, rice bowl topped with eggs, tteokbokki dak-bokkeum-tang, and potato croquettes are captivating the public, and the number of people following her recipes is continuously growing.

With such momentum, Lee has recently published a book(Lee Jung-hyun’s home-cooked restaurant) containing 101 recipes including those broadcasted on media. The people who followed the steps frequently write posts on social network and portal sites highly praising, ‘I cooked the way she cooks, and I also became the master of home cooking!’



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# How about Korean fusion cuisine for today’s meal?

Among Lee’s recipes, fusion dishes are particularly gaining the spotlight. The Korean-Chinese fusion recipes made by adding various Chinese sauces such as Lajojiang, Majiang, and Doubanjiang are a hot topic. This is because simple dishes that can be made in 5 minutes like ‘Rajjamyeon’, which is made with Lajojang, basic Chinese sauce, and Chapaghetti, have captivated the passionate taste buds.

Above all, Lee Young-ja, a female Korean comedian who is acknowledged as 'taste well', tried 'Mabulmyeon' - a combination of Majiang and Hot Chicken Flavor Ramyeon, and spoke highly of Lee’s cooking that, “She surely is a Matist (mat+artist). How does she keep it a high standard even with ramyeon!” Recently, Lee Jung-hyun has released another series of fusion cooking using ramyeon products, as well as dishes that mix Korean and Chinese sauces through her social media. The followers who watched it left comments like “Wow, this looks incredible!”, “Oh my! It's spicy yet delicious!” Let's take a look at K-Food Recipe section of , which was reborn with Lee’s sense of taste.


'Issue in SNS / The Infinite Transformation of Techno Female Warrior' 저작물은 "공공누리 2유형 출처표시 + 상업적 이용금지" 조건에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.